Teamspirit Booster (english)

“Teamspirit Booster” is a method that transforms the way teams work together. It helps cope with impediments to collaboration and lays the groundwork for less stress, more creativity, and higher productivity.


My experience with teams has shown me how difficult it can be when unspoken biases, simmering conflicts, and "the elephant in the room" limit teamwork. These issues affect the team, its performance, the quality of the products or services as well as the team's environment.


In recent years, I have come to know and deeply respect an innovative method based on connecting in a mindful and authentic way. It is ideally suited to be integrated into teams in an adapted form. This has resulted in the “Teamspirit Booster” method.


How does this method work?

It requires the willingness of an entire team to engage in a learning process of its own accord. Then it is crucial to create a suitable and comprehensible framework that contains the valuable principles of “Teamspirit Booster”. They provide orientation and safe ground.


After a short introduction to the method, it is important to create a special atmosphere for the respective team that allows them to meet each other openly and with a fresh perspective, and to listen to each other becoming aware of common prejudices or even cynicism. This creates trust and the safety of being able to express everything that is currently on the minds of the team members.


A check-in will follow and the team steps together over a threshold into the actual "Teamspirit Booster room" with the help of a meditative sequence. This promotes inner and outer mindfulness, a kind of true "we-space".


The main part consists of an open-ended process that adheres to agreed-upon principles:

Some will dare to take the first step and others will follow. Gradually the issues that are important for the current collaboration will be brought to the table. Afterwards, it might be noticeable, for example, that there is still more energy in one or another aspect that still requires attention.


In this way, even tense topics can be brought to the table without creating a hostile climate. Often it is even enough just to address a sensitive topic in order to release the pent-up tension.


It will become noticeable that the process that has been set in motion feels rounded for the moment. Then it is time to collect the pearls of what has happened and lead the team to a check-out.


As simple as this approach may seem at first glance, it is challenging to create an appropriate container for a team to dare to go beyond the comfort zone - to where transformative learning processes take place. That's why skilled facilitators who are sufficiently experienced with the method are needed to kick-start the process.


In all cases, it makes sense to deepen the approach in several sessions/workshops so that the team spirit booster can become a regular part of the collaboration.



I hope this blog post gives a comprehensive insight into this transformative method!  Please feel free to contact me for further information. I look forward to being contacted.

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