Presence-Based Leadership (en)

Two people are walking in a florest and talk mindfully about what's present.

Are leaders the people who are at the top of organizations or organizational units and teams? Yes, also. AND we are all leaders. Leaders in all kinds of situations and roles. For example, as team members, as learners, as family members- or, simply, as human beings.

Unfortunately, all too often we lack access to the right ideas, the necessary courage, the required patience, or other resources that we have somewhere within us to really feel like a leader and gain powerful self-mastery.


There is an amazing approach to gaining access to such resources, some of which are deep-seated and difficult to access. 


What it takes is the willingness to embark on an unfamiliar path - a path into unknown territory that only opens step by step from the present moment. When we act from the present moment, each step results precisely from the previous one and not from a concept, a method, or a plan. I call this approach Presence-Based Leadership.


Ideally, we take a walk (at least 2 hours) because walking is the best way to bring into life how each previous step creates the next one. (Alternatively it is possible to meet inside or online.)  


Presence-Based Leadership is my new way of discovering new territory with people, where essential resources are waiting for us. It is my new way of “coaching”, and it has nothing to do with conventional ideas of coaching. But I draw on my extensive and rich experience as a coach, as a leader and as a human being.


I am enthusiastic about this new approach because each session also opens new resources for me, so that I also journey with you into my own growth.


I hope I have picked your interest, and I would be happy to talk to you no strings attached.


Further information in english can be found here.

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