Finally out: My book in English

The Adventure of Self-Coaching

"The Adventure of Self-Coaching - Discover and tap your full potential" This is the English translation of my Book "Abenteuer Selbstcoaching". It is published by BoD (Books on Demand) in January 2014.


Self-Coaching is the steering of one’s own self-development in a mindful and conscious way. The mindful Self-Coaching approach builds on creating an Inner Coach and mindful companion. With a serene mind-set this can build a creative inner dialogue that reveals hidden potential, unused resources and paves the way to achieve self-development goals. This book explains Self-Coaching and how to develop Self-Coaching skills.


The book is available on request in bookstores. It can be ordered online at all major platforms. In Switzerland you con order it directly from me at a price of CHF 19.- including postage. (Please use the contact form on my website and send me your delivery address.)


Thank you Paul!

I take this opportunity to thank Paul Stiff very much for the excellent translation.


PS: Now also available as E-Book - see e.g. the Version on Kindle :-)

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